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Peocock Mural Cum Clock

“Peacock” is a sign of strength, power , happiness and spiritual growth…

This, exclusive peacock Mural Cum Clock stands as a unique testament of utility.This special piece of wall art not only attracts with its vibrant colors and intricate looks but also serves a practical purpose as a functional clock. The hood and the face of the peacock is perpendicular to the rest of its body .This is 5D art piece.  The mural itself is a masterpiece, with each feather of the peacock rendered with perfection and care. The colors of all the peacock murals are so very beautiful with very fine finishing . Blue and green Crystals have been used on the wings of it , which makes it very attractive and gives real exotic looks.


This is a vertical Peacock wall art . This remarkable creation by our best craftsmen can transform any space. The peacock Vibrant color feathers have a significant meaning as per Vaastu Shastra, the symbol of openness, awakening and welcome to the new ideas. The extended feature of clock mechanism is a huge complement. These artistic peacocks could become an intelligent choice for your home. The right sense of interior design could lend your home an elegant & elite look . The mural’s design is not just limited to the peacock, we also make different type and shapes of metal murals such as floral patterns morals, landscapes morals and modern designs decorative morals enhance the overall visual impact of the space.

People who choose these exclusive and impressive wall décor pieces with the purpose of boosting their culture actually bring culture to their homes which gives ultra beautiful vibes to their homes.
Others can easily recognize, an inner artist in you as you decorate it ( your home) artistically. The Peacock Mural Cum Clock a practical choice for those who appreciate both artistry and utility in their living spaces.

Peacock Mural are used to convert your emotions as well as release emotions from those who will see them.
They do not only beautify a place but add a unique aura to the atmosphere as well.These artistic peacocks could become an intelligent choice for your home.

Where to place this peacock Art cum Clock:
One of the notable features of this wall art piece is, its versatility in placement. Wall in the living room or bringing a touch of elegance to the bedroom, the Peacock Mural Cum Clock effortlessly adapts to different spaces. Its size and design make it equally suitable for residential homes or even commercial establishments, offering a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic wherever it is placed.

Conclusion: the Peacock Mural Cum Clock stands out as a harmonious blend of artistic expression and practical functionality as Clock. Its craftsmanship has a symbolic depth, aesthetic appeal, and versatility in placement make it a standout choice for those seeking to elevate the ambiance of their spaces. This art transcends its traditional strength and enriches our surroundings with beauty and happiness….

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Product Details

  •  Metal – Processed Metal
  • Electroplating for excellent finishing & long life
  • Lacquer finish for golden highlights
  • Proper bubble wrapping packed & thermocol placed
  • Comes with thick corrugated Box📦 7 ply
  • If there is any damage during transit, Our company will exchange the product without taking shipping charges of both sides from your pocket.
  • To avail exchange of damage product, Opening video in one shot is must.
  • No order will be book without advance payment.
Care Instruction
All exposed metal area can be cleaned regularly with a dry clean cotton cloth. The artwork can also be cleaned by using a damp cotton cloth gently with a small amount of mild liquid soap , then immediately dried it of with fresh dried cloth. Do not use alcohol-based products, bleaches to clean it.
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